The 16 Week 'LIVE' Quantum Group Business Coaching Program!
For Online Service Providers...
"Want to Build Your Online Business to $20K+ a Month in the Next 6 Months & Without Spending a Fortune??"
Are you an online coach, consultant or agency owner??

Would you like to build your online coaching business to at least $20,000 a month Consistent income in 2024?

In this EXCLUSIVE Group Business Coaching Program we will spend 4 months creating that together from the comfort of your own home to transform that dream into a reality!

What is The Group Business Coaching Program?

"Starts Thursday September 12th, 2024, 8am AEST..."

Who Is This Group Coaching Program For?
  • If you are an online coach or consultant wanting to create a full time online business
  • If you want more freedom and leverage
  • If you are  a an ambitious person wanting to create a REAL online business and income
  • If you are an online agency owner
  • If you have a full-time job, you wish to quit
  • If you are ready to make $20K a month EVERY Month minimum
Why Join This Exclusive LIVE Group Business Coaching Program?
If you have the goal or dream of building a full-time online income, a real coaching business or team, this program is a MUST!

 Its incredibly thorough and what we cover in this program gives you everything and anything you need to succeed online.

 Mindset, sales, marketing, planning, SOPs, resources, tools, templates, financials, team building, launching group coaching, running events, sales funnels and MUCH MORE...

What are the Details for The LIVE Online Business Course?

"Starts Thursday September 12th, 2024, 8am AEST..."

What is the Outline of the 16 Weeks?
Session 1 – Success Blueprint & Planning

Session 2 – Your Unconscious Money Blueprint - Mindset!

Session 3&4 – Sales SOPs, Scripts, Avatar, Pitch Deck & More

Session 5&6 – 5 Step Launch Process

Session 7 – Optimize your Social Media

Session 8 – Social Media Content Creation & Planner

Session 9 – Launch your Offers & Funnels

Session 10 – Launching an Online Challenge

Session 11&12 - Finishing your Funnels & Challenge

Session 13 – Launching Group Coaching

Session 14 – Business & Financial Systems

Session 15 - Time Management

Session 16 - Event Campaigns

How it Works & What Happens Once You Register?

Once you hit the SECURE MY LIMITED SEAT now button at the bottom of this page and REGISTER FREE for this Live Group Coaching Program, you will receive an email inviting you to the portal & special Facebook group.

In that portal you will get access to the pre-study which you can begin immediately today.

We will use the Facebook group to communicate all details leading up to the launch date.

 All calls will be done through Zoom and live streamed into that group. You will also get access to all replays of the program.

About your Head Trainer and Coach Jason Grossman!
International Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 

International Business Coach  

Life & Mindset Coach with Quantum Health & Technologies  

Qualified Fitness Professional for over 22 years

Growing up we didn't have much, my mum was a single mum with bi-polar. As a teenager I dropped out of school, was kicked out of home and ended up living on the streets as a heroin addict. The third time I overdosed on heroin I was clinically dead for 3 minutes and that was a massive wake up call.

What got me off the streets was health and fitness. I became a personal trainer and for the better part of a decade it was my passion. But nearly 10 years on I felt I was destined for greater things. So I launched my first health and wellness company and by the age of 31 was a self made millionaire (the first time). But after working for 12 years straight no breaks or holidays I burned out. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

As I was unwell in bed I had to think of a way to make money. The only thing I could think of at the time was to lay in bed on my laptop and work out how to make money online. 9 Months later I had built a 7 figure coaching business online. Travelled to 29 countries, ticking off nearly 300 bucket list items, publishing my first book; From the Streets to a Millionaire and much more!

Now I'm in a position to focus my time and energy in helping others do the same. To create financial freedom and live the life they dream of and with significance. In fact, this is my mission to help people live the life of their dreams.

That is why I am excited to be delivering this very exclusive Group Business Coaching Program where we can work closely together and build a business that supports the life you dream of.

Remember your dreams are possible if you have the courage to pursue your dreams!

"The first time I jumped out of a plane, stepping out of my comfort zone and saying yes to opportunities I knew would better my life!"
What Others are Saying about Jason!
I have only been coaching with Jason the founder of Quantum Business Coaching for a couple of weeks to build my online business. however in the first week my income skyrocketed from $0 to $420 per week after generating only 38 leads. In the second week I generated 111 leads and have 8 online clients already, so now you can only imagine what my income is going to be like over the next few weeks.

His systems are truly amazing and they just work.

This has allowed me to regain my confidence and motivation in an industry that I just love. Nothing is more rewarding than changing the lives of others and this is what Jason does from the heart with ease.

Thanks Jase you're the bomb diggity 🙂

Lyn Miller xxx - Australia
I started working with Jason in January. At the time I was making 6y figures in my online business and was comfortable. But It wasn't until I met Jason he open my eyes to the potential of what I can achieve online.

And using his strategies in just 4 more I quadrupled my business making nearly $400,000 a year and build fast towards a 7 figure online business. I also have more time to now spend with my family and take some holidays with a work life balance.

Gayan Perera - Sri Lanka
Thanks to Jason and his online marketing strategies in just our first week of marketing I generated 617 opted in hot leads to build my online business. I was absolutely blown away, I still can't believe it. thanks Jase.

Steve Mills - Australia
Thanks to Jason's Strategies I gained 9 New Online PT Clients in JUST 9 days of launching my online fitness business. 

Thank you Jason.

Dillon Dix - New Zealand
WOW. Im only new to the fitness Industry and I cant believe that in JUST my first week of launching my new online fitness business i got 5 1o1 Online PT Clients.

I already built a successful PT business in a gym, but never been online. When I made the transition with Jason's help we were making $3000 a week consistently in Just a month!


Here's What You'll Get...

  • 4 Months LIVE Group Coaching (Value = $9997)
  • BONUS: The Online Business Course with all tools ($1997)
  • ​BONUS: THE FULL RECORDINGS PLUS so many additional bonuses, they won't even all fit in here! ($1997)
  • Access to the Inner Circle with ALL students! Priceless

TOTAL VALUE = $13,991




"Starts Thursday September 12th, 2024, 8am AEST..."


1 x Payment of $3997
1 x Payment of $2997aud


16 x Payments of $249 a week 
16 Payments of $199aud a week
I am excited to spend 6 months with you personally, and build the online business that supports the lifestyle you dream of!

Founder of Quantum Business Coaching

Jason Grossman!
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